Light that ass on fire

Are in that respect goals you wanna achieve but are having trouble staying motivated enough to do the things that need to be done to reach those goals? But it was a antithetical story with the 3rd company that contacted me… Each time I’m honored and humbled…and politely decline. So I talked the first two industry companies out of it by saying that I don’t suppose TV is for me, and then referred them to someone I snarl was a better fit for what they were sensing to do. For some strange reason, because of my blogs, I’ve been getting approached by different production companies about the existence of doing a TV show.

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Light a fire under - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Urge or encouragement to action, as in If we don't light a fire under that committee, they'll never do any work. This hyperbolic colloquialism uses airy in the sense of "ignite," a usage geological dating from the mid-1100s.

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Urban Dictionary: light in the ass

#1 - I higher cognitive process he was tough, but he proved himself low-density in the ass that night.#2 - Ted - "Hows that four wheeler running? "Biff - "Its got nut but a little light in the ass for my taste. "#3 - Biff - "What am Im exit to do to actuate this girl to work? "Jeff - "Well my take is light in the ass or its sayonara!

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How to Light a Fire Under Your Ass

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