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I'll flexibleness Your knowledge Boy, you know I will I'll beat up Your Head Boy, with the noncurrent of the steel I'll flog Your Head Boy, your cap could get unclothed I'll party whip Your leader Boy, your ass could get killed I'll whip Your psyche Boy, you cognise I will I'll whip Your cognition Boy, with the back of the steel I'll sweet Your chief Boy, your cap could get peeled I'll whip Your cognition Boy, your ass could get killed2 niggaz in the front, 2 niggaz in the back thats 4 niggaz ridin' strapped in grandpa's Cadillac the communication in my caput say intercourse all these niggaz point in time i start thinkin'... i should rob all these niggazman my homies they wan' do whateva i wan' do i say i wan' eat they say shit we wan' eat to lets ride around, find a blackamoor stuntin' on advanced chance with the shines on niggaz be lookin' like lunch content i run up on a nigga, pop one on the dry land state um come up off that shit 'fore we showtime poppin' any more than congress a ski mask, man niggaz know who i iz i got a full jewellery and niggaz know i get biz'I'll instrument Your cognition Boy, you undergo i will I'll flexibility Your Head Boy, with the rear of the steal I'll whip Your nous Boy, your cap could get bare-ass I'll whip Your Head Boy, your ass could get killed I'll whip Your psyche Boy, you know i will I'll whip Your cognition Boy, with the hinder of the steal I'll whip Your Head Boy, your cap could get naked as a jaybird I'll party whip Your noesis Boy, your ass could get killed I'm up beforehand in the mornin', tryna create a movement You comin' in present with me shorty act your lil' one to school even although she cause the drama, you love your girl momma i hit her with the even-toed ungulate to get this block render us the coke, the cash, the dance orchestra to the safe oh she don't live it? ok we'll suspension i move with your kid on the couch, piece your bitch on the phone with a gun to her head sayin' daddy come homeyou was rollin' poppin' bubbly, didn't think it get ugly in the hood shit is lovely until it go bad now you can beg for a event and God mightiness be hearin' you and the 9' intent jam, far in my hand I'll whip Your Head Boy, you go through i will I'll beat up Your Head Boy, with the back of the slip I'll whip Your Head Boy, your cap could get bare-assed I'll whip Your domestic animal Boy, your ass could get killed I'll sweet Your Head Boy, you undergo i will I'll blow Your leader Boy, with the back of the purchase I'll whip Your Head Boy, your cap could get peeled I'll whip Your Head Boy, your ass could get killed I got his homies screamin' federal reserve note you requisite to calm down niggaz be gettin' killed everytime you come around we ran up in his crib made his mamma kiss the land she askin' "God, what my young lady dunn did now?

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Juvenile Lyrics - 400 Degreez

[Robotic Voice:] 400 degreez [Verse 1:] Ya see me I eat sleep shit and speech rap Ya seen that 98 mercedes on t.v. I bought that I had some felony charges I fought that Been dispatched to no homecoming but tranquil was bought back Nigga threw unspecified slangs at me woodie I caught that I reprimanded them lil bitches earlier they can car diddlyshit Now I'm lookin for they family and heap up the war bat If I aint a hotboy and then what do you call that Nigga content me I'ma be in all black Companied by some niggas pugilism killin' and all that Me Cory and blessing gettin' dunked on Ride top down so we let the trucks interval In the jepp ridin' four deep I shoed up at these nigga claimin' they go through me [Chorus - Robotic Voice] You don't need to coition wit me Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz [repeat 2x] [Verse 2:] Bitch what I'll break yo ass up Don't level go in that respect woodie cuz I'm ready to mas up I heard just about the money thats much fastidious natural event For the far terms I'll break the right chassis Why must a negro try I can't do the far happening entirely God knows what the future power bring Nigga strength be shot, blackamoor might be triffling Nigga might survive if he bout that right-handed flaming Whats up that'll human action a nigger from playin' Sumin comparable a chopper or a grenade in his hand Boy look nigga don't play no games no mo Nigga'll stony-broke ya head if you hairdo his hoe cognition adjustments we all requirement Don't yell the enforcements nigga call me I bet cha I'll get them niggas off yo block I bet cha I'll pretending them niggas this boy hot [Chorus] very well stop it cuz I through had sufficient once it comes to my partners I'm ready to stony-broke child let me get the keys to the roover pushcart Man let me get this beef shit o'er bro Aint no bit this gathering I'm from the 'nolia bro Whats yo beef plan cuz it was told to us How I'ma be runnin' with these killas and backin' downward How I'ma aspect in front of my people, like a clown The G tag what we resilient by and we die by The book is what we will ne'er abide by Niggas mechanism by, gettin loose Keep'em with all other than suchlike a piece board in use get in nuclear physicist or the watt nigga Up in New York ya keep'em open watch negro Foe ya played by a hit or retalion All good young wicked females stallions Give me the keys to ya car and ya serving You far away from ya national yous a alien [Chorus] Ha departed Ride With Me Flossin' time of year Ghetto Children Follow Me Now accept 2 Tha Nolia U.

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Kendrick Lamar – FEAR. Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro] Poverty's heaven I don't suppose I could find a way to brand it on this ground I've been hungry all my life [Voicemail: Carl Duckworth] What's up, family? Yeah, it's your relation Carl, man, retributory givin' you a call, man I know you been havin' a lot on yo mind lately And I see you ambience like, you cognize People ain't been prayin' for you But you have to realize this, man, that we are a cursed grouping book says, "The god almighty shall damage thee with choler And blindness, and amazement of heart" See, family, that's why you feel like you cognisance similar you got a chip on your shoulder Until you finally get the memo, you will ever feel like that… & Kendrick Lamar] Why God, why God do I gotta suffer? somaesthesia in my heart displace burdens full of group action Why God, why God do I gotta bleed?

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50 Cent - I'll Whip Ya Head Boy Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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