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Srvid – Streamboard Wiki

Die oscam.srvid wird benutzt, um caid:srvid Kombinationen im Log und diversen Monitorausgaben in aussagekräftige Informationen umzuwandeln. Selbstverständlich sollten auch nicht benötigte srvid's aus der Liste entfernt werden. Use the scuttlebutt line below the editwindow and leave, ahead saving, a short statement banker's bill what you've done for the log. Max HD 0500:2f84|Orange France|France 4 3 0500:2f85|Orange France|Virgin 17 4 0500:2f86|Orange France|Gulli 5 057c|Orange France|AB Moteurs 057d|Orange France|AB 1 057e|Orange France|Animaux 057f|Orange France|Encyclopedia 0581|Orange France|Escales 0582|Orange France|Toute l´Histoire 0584|Orange France|NT 1 0585|Orange France|Dorcel TV 0586|Orange France|Action 0587|Orange France|Mangas 0589|Orange France|Cin? 0B3C|Sanoma Television Oy|Nelonen select 0B3F|Telenor|Showtime 0BC5|Telenor|BBC life-style 0BCF|Telenor|History 0B00:0C6C|Viasat|Disney transmission 0B00:0CDB|MTV Oy|MTV3 HD 0B00:0CF1|Levira|Silver 0B00:0F0A|Viasat|Disney junior-grade 0BA6|Sveriges Television|SVT2 0BD8|Unknown|Nat Geo Wild 0BB4|DMC|CBS physicalness 0BD8|Viasat|Disney XD 0B00:6D63|Arqiva|Travel transmission 0B00:6FF8|MTV Networks|MTV Hits 0B00: FA64|Sanoma video Oy|Nelonen Nappula 0B00: FE4C|Sanoma Television Oy|Nelonen Maailma back to index If you can help, dont hesitate to redact this page!!! Also immer versuchen, bei einer srvid die unter mehreren caid verfügbar ist, die caid's zu sammeln und in einen Eintrag zu packen. TV HD|TV| 0000,0100,0547|Canal Sat 19.2E|PARIS first HD|TV| 0000,0100,0549|Canal Sat 19.2E|EUROSPORT HD|TV| 0000,0100,054B|Canal Sat 19.2E|PLANETE HD|TV| 0000,0100,054C|Canal Sat 19.2E|Disney communicating HD France|TV|Children 0000,0100,0551|Canal Sat 19.2E|TF1 HD|TV| 0000,0100,058D|Canal Sat 19.2E|GUIDE TV|TV| 0000,0100,0590|Canal Sat 19.2E|ENREGISTREMENTS|TV| 0000,0100,0591|Canal Sat 19.2E|C DEMANDE|TV| 0000,0100,0596|Canal Sat 19.2E| |TV| 0000,0100,05A3|Canal Sat 19.2E|CSAT DEMANDE|TV| 0000,0100,05AA|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 REPLAY|TV| 0000,0100,05AB|Canal Sat 19.2E|CANALPLAY|TV| 0000,0100,05CF|Canal Sat 19.2E|SPORT 365|TV| 0000,0100,05D2|Canal Sat 19.2E|PASS SERIES|TV| 0000,0100,05D3|Canal Sat 19.2E|PASS XXL DORCEL|TV| 0000,0100,05EC|Canal Sat 19.2E|CSAT DEMANDE|TV| 0000,0100,05F5|Canal Sat 19.2E|CANALPLAY|TV| 0000,0100,05F8|Canal Sat 19.2E|EVENEMENT CANALSAT|TV| 0000,0100,05F9|Canal Sat 19.2E|Golf France|TV|Sport 0000,0100,05FB|Canal Sat 19.2E|OCS Novo|TV|Movies 0000,0100,05FC|Canal Sat 19.2E|OCS Happy|TV|Movies 0000,0100,05FD|Canal Sat 19.2E|Maison |TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0500|Canal Sat 19.2E|Trace Urban|TV|Music 0000,0100,0501|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cine Famiz|TV|Movies 0000,0100,0517|Canal Sat 19.2E| |TV| 0000,0100,0558|Canal Sat 19.2E|Arte HD|TV|Cultural 0000,0100,055A|Canal Sat 19.2E|Penthouse HD|TV|Erotic 0000,0100,055E|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 HD|TV|General 0000,0100,0560|Canal Sat 19.2E|W9 HD|TV|General 0000,0100,0561|Canal Sat 19.2E|Ushuaia TV HD|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0562|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 2 HD|TV|General 0000,0100,056C|Canal Sat 19.2E|ARTE HD|TV| 0000,0100,056E|Canal Sat 19.2E|PENTHOUSE HD|TV| 0000,0100,0572|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 HD|TV| 0000,0100,0574|Canal Sat 19.2E|W9 HD|TV| 0000,0100,0575|Canal Sat 19.2E|USHUAIA TV HD|TV| 0000,0100,0576|Canal Sat 19.2E|FRANCE 2 HD|TV| 0000,0100,0578|Canal Sat 19.2E|PENTHOUSE HD|TV| 0000,0100,0580|Canal Sat 19.2E|ARTE HD|TV| 0000,0100,0582|Canal Sat 19.2E|CINE EMOTION HD|TV| 0000,0100,0586|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 HD|TV| 0000,0100,0588|Canal Sat 19.2E|W9 HD|TV| 0000,0100,058A|Canal Sat 19.2E|FRANCE 2 HD|TV| 0000,0100,0596|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cine Emotion HD|TV|Movies 0000,0100,05BB|Canal Sat 19.2E|Ma Chaine job HD|TV|Sport 0000,0100,05BD|Canal Sat 19.2E|Non Stop People HD|TV|Entertainment 0000,0100,05BE|Canal Sat 19.2E|Eurosport 2 HD|TV|Sport 0000,0100,05BF|Canal Sat 19.2E|Discovery field HD France|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,05CF|Canal Sat 19.2E|MA CHAINE SPORT HD|TV| 0000,0100,05D1|Canal Sat 19.2E|NON stopover PEOPLE HD|TV| 0000,0100,05D2|Canal Sat 19.2E|EUROSPORT 2 HD|TV| 0000,0100,05D3|Canal Sat 19.2E|DISCOVERY SCIENCE HD|TV| 0000,0100,05E1|Canal Sat 19.2E|Disney XD HD France|TV|Children 0000,0100,05E2|Canal Sat 19.2E|Disney Cinemagic HD|TV|Children 0000,0100,05F5|Canal Sat 19.2E|DISNEY XD HD|TV| 0000,0100,05F6|Canal Sat 19.2E|DISNEY sorcerous HD|TV| 0000,0100,051D|Canal Sat 19.2E|TF 6|TV|General 0000,0100,051E|Canal Sat 19.2E|Comedie |TV|Comedy 0000,0100,051F|Canal Sat 19.2E|Eurosport 2 France|TV|Sport 0000,0100,0520|Canal Sat 19.2E|Canal a la demande|TV|Presentations 0000,0100,0521|Canal Sat 19.2E|Seasons|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0521|Canal Sat 19.2E|Tek TV Shop|TV|Teleshopping 0000,0100,0522|Canal Sat 19.2E|OCS Max|TV|Movies 0000,0100,0523|Canal Sat 19.2E|Piwi |TV|Children 0000,0100,0524|Canal Sat 19.2E|Extreme Sports|TV|Sport 0000,0100,0525|Canal Sat 19.2E|Motors TV|TV|Sport 0000,0100,0526|Canal Sat 19.2E|Equidia Life|TV|Lifestyle 0000,0100,0581|Canal Sat 19.2E|Histoire|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0582|Canal Sat 19.2E|OCS Choc|TV|Movies 0000,0100,0583|Canal Sat 19.2E|Ma Chaine Sport|TV|Sport 0000,0100,0584|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 penalization Black|TV|Music 0000,0100,0585|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 Music Club|TV|Music 0000,0100,0586|Canal Sat 19.2E| |TV| 0000,0100,0587|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cuisine |TV|Cooking 0000,0100,0588|Canal Sat 19.2E|Planete Justice|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0589|Canal Sat 19.2E|Canal J|TV|Children 0000,0100,058A|Canal Sat 19.2E|Discovery duct France|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,05E5|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Amiens|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05E6|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Besancon|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05E7|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Bordeaux|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05E8|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Nancy|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05E9|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Clermont Ferrand|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05EA|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Paris Ile-de-France|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05EB|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Rennes|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05EC|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Rouen|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05ED|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Limoges|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05EE|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Lyon|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05EF|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Marseille|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05F0|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Toulouse|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0549|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Caen|TV|Regional 0000,0100,054A|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Nantes|TV|Regional 0000,0100,054B|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Nice|TV|Regional 0000,0100,054C|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Orleans|TV|Regional 0000,0100,054D|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Dijon|TV|Regional 0000,0100,054E|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Poitiers|TV|Regional 0000,0100,054F|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Reims|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0550|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Grenoble|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0551|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Lille|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0552|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Strasbourg|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0553|Canal Sat 19.2E|France 3 Montpellier|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0554|Canal Sat 19.2E|Via Stella|TV|Regional 0000,0100,05AD|Canal Sat 19.2E|Discovery HD Showcase|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,05B0|Canal Sat 19.2E|Brava HDTV|TV|Music 0000,0100,05B1|Canal Sat 19.2E|TCM HD France|TV|Movies 0000,0100,05B2|Canal Sat 19.2E|Teva HD|TV|General 0000,0100,05B9|Canal Sat 19.2E|GOLF HD|TV| 0000,0100,05C1|Canal Sat 19.2E|DISCOVERY HD|TV| 0000,0100,05C4|Canal Sat 19.2E|BRAVA HD|TV| 0000,0100,05C5|Canal Sat 19.2E|TCM house HD|TV| 0000,0100,05C6|Canal Sat 19.2E|TEVA HD|TV| 0000,0100,05CD|Canal Sat 19.2E|Golf HD|TV|Sport 0000,0100,052E|Canal Sat 19.2E|CNBC Europe|TV|Business 0000,0100,0542|Canal Sat 19.2E|BBC World News|TV|News 0000,0100,054E|Canal Sat 19.2E|Best Of Shopping|TV|Teleshopping 0000,0100,054F|Canal Sat 19.2E|M6 Boutique & Co|TV|Teleshopping 0000,0100,055F|Canal Sat 19.2E|RMC Decouverte|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0561|Canal Sat 19.2E|RMC Decouverte|TV| 0000,0100,0500:2B02|Canal Sat 19.2E|Sport 365|TV|Sport 0000,0100,0500:2F58|Canal Sat 19.2E|Liberty TV|TV|Travel 0000,0100,0500:2F67|Canal Sat 19.2E|TV8 Mont Blanc|TV|Regional 0000,0100,0500:2F68|Canal Sat 19.2E|Vivolta|TV|Lifestyle 0000,0100,0500:2F8A|Canal Sat 19.2E|BFM TV|TV|News 0000,0100,0500:2F8E|Canal Sat 19.2E|D17|TV|Entertainment 0000,0100,0500:2F94|Canal Sat 19.2E|BFM Business|TV|Business 0000,0100,0500:2F99|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cash TV|TV|Game 0000,0100,0531|Canal Sat 19.2E|ESPN America (S)|TV| 0000,0100,0535|Canal Sat 19.2E|ESPN America|TV|Sport 0000,0100,057C|Canal Sat 19.2E|AB Moteurs|TV|Sport 0000,0100,057D|Canal Sat 19.2E|AB 1|TV|Series 0000,0100,057E|Canal Sat 19.2E|Animaux|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,057F|Canal Sat 19.2E|Encyclo|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0580|Canal Sat 19.2E|XXL|TV|Porn 0000,0100,0581|Canal Sat 19.2E|Escales|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0582|Canal Sat 19.2E|Toute l Histoire|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0584|Canal Sat 19.2E|NT 1|TV|General 0000,0100,0585|Canal Sat 19.2E|Dorcel TV|TV|Porn 0000,0100,0586|Canal Sat 19.2E|Action|TV|Movies 0000,0100,0587|Canal Sat 19.2E|Mangas|TV|Children 0000,0100,0589|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cine Polar|TV|Movies 0000,0100,058A|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cine FX|TV|Movies 0000,0100,058B|Canal Sat 19.2E|RTL 9|TV|General 0000,0100,058D|Canal Sat 19.2E|STYLIA|TV| 0000,0100,0590|Canal Sat 19.2E|NT1|TV| 0000,0100,0500:6F69|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cartoon Network|TV|Children 0000,0100,0500:6F6A|Canal Sat 19.2E|CNN external Europe|TV|News 0000,0100,0500:6F6D|Canal Sat 19.2E|TCM France|TV|Movies 0000,0100,0500:6F6F|Canal Sat 19.2E|Boomerang France|TV|Children 0000,0100,0500:6F70|Canal Sat 19.2E|Boing France|TV|Children 0000,0100,0500:6F73|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cherie 25|TV|General 0000,0100,0500:6F86|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cherie 25|TV| 0000,0100,0500:6F87|Canal Sat 19.2E|Cherie 25|TV| 0000,0100,0500:6FB8|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV untaped HD|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500:6FB9|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV ringing HD|TV| 0000,0100,0500:6FEC|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV France|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500:6FEE|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV Hits|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500:6FF2|Canal Sat 19.2E|NICKELODEON France.|TV| 0000,0100,0500:6FF3|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV Rocks|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500:6FF5|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV Base France|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500:6FF7|Canal Sat 19.2E|Game One|TV|Game 0000,0100,0500:6FF8|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV Hits.|TV| 0000,0100,0500:6FFC|Canal Sat 19.2E|Nickelodeon France|TV|Children 0000,0100,0500:6FFD|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV ROCKS.|TV| 0000,0100,0502|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV Pulse|TV|Music 0000,0100,0503|Canal Sat 19.2E|MTV Idol|TV|Music 0000,0100,0505|Canal Sat 19.2E|Nick Junior France|TV|Children ### ### DVB-S - M7 mathematical group - Astra 19.2E ### 0000,0100,1817:0FA2|M7 Group|SBS6|TV|General| 0000,0100,1817:0FA3|M7 Group|NET5|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,1819:0FAB|M7 Group|NED1|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,1819:0FAC|M7 Group|NED2|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,1819:0FAD|M7 Group|NED3|TV|General| 0000,0100,1817:0FCC|M7 Group|RTL4|TV|General| 0000,0100,1817:0FCD|M7 Group|RTL5|TV|General| 0000,0100,1817:0FCF|M7 Group|RTL7|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1811,1817,1818,1819,1814|CSAT|Mezzo|TV|Music| 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,1801|M7 Group|één|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,1802|M7 Group|Canvas|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,1808|M7 Group|Ket Op12|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1818,180A|M7 Group|VTM|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1818,180C|M7 Group|2BE|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1818,180E|M7 Group|Vier|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1818,1814|M7 Group|Vier|TV|General| 0000,0100,0500,1817,185D|M7 Group|Discovery Channel|TV|Documentaries| ### Radio 0000,0100,0500,1817,18A2|M7 Group|Radio 2|Radio|General 0000,0100,0500,1817,18A3|M7 Group|3FM|Radio|General 0000,0100,0500,1817,18A4|M7 Group|Radio 4|Radio|General 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,18EC|M7 Group|MNM|Radio|General 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,18ED|M7 Group|Studio Brussel|Radio|General 0000,0100,0500,1817,1818,18EE|M7 Group|Klara|Radio|Classic ### ### DVB-S - MTV outright - Astra 19.2E ### 0000,0100,0500,0648,0B00,0D95,1817,1818,1819:6FEE|MTV Networks|MTV Hits|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500,0624,0648,0B00,0D95,1817,1818,1819:6FEF|MTV Networks|MTV Dance|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500,0624,0648,0B00,0D95,0D96,1810,1817,1818,1819:6FF0|MTV Networks|VH1 Europe|TV|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500,0624,0B00,0D96,1817,1818,1819:6FF1|MTV Networks|VH1 Classic|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500,0624,0648,0B00,0D95,0D96,1810,1817,1818,1819:6FF3|MTV Networks|MTV Rocks|TV|TV|Music 0000,0100,0500,0648,0B00,0D95,1817,1818,1819:6FFF|MTV Networks|MTV auditory communication 24|TV|TV|Music back to mathematical notation last review: ??? If you can help, dont pause to edit this page!!! ants 0500:2aff|Orange France|Boing 0500:2b00|Orange France|Orange line of work content 0500:2b01|Orange France|Kids Co 0500:2b16|Orange France|Orange job HD 0500:2b17|Orange France|Orange Cin? 0BD1|MTV Oy|MTV3 MAX 0BE9|Telenor|BBC cognition 0B01|MTV Oy|MTV3 Juniori 0B37|MTV Oy|MTV3 Fakta 0B41|MTV Oy|MTV3 Leffa 0B69|MTV Oy|MTV3 Fakta XL 0B73|MTV Oy|MTV3 Sarja 0B96|Telenor|Discovery Channel 0B97|Telenor|Animal satellite 0BBC|Sanoma tv set Oy|Nelonen 0BE1|Urhotv Oy|URHOtv 0BF3|Unknown|Kuukauden kanava 0B66|Sveriges Television|SVT24 0B89|Telenor|Eurosport 0BF2|Sveriges Television|SVT1 0BF6|Telenor|Discovery universe 0BF7|Telenor|Discovery bailiwick 0BF8|Telenor|TLC 0B10|TV4-gruppen|TV4 0B4C|Modern clip Group|TV3 0B4F|Telenor|BBC recreation 0BB4|MTV Oy|MTV3 Komedia 0B48|Telenor|Eurosport 2 0B49|Telenor|Star! Ein Tipp zu den srvid - je weniger Einträge in der Liste um so performanter ist das in oscam obwohl das Endergebnis das gleiche ist. recreation TV|TV|Lifestyle 0000,0100,0529|Canal Sat 19.2E|TF 1|TV|General 0000,0100,052B|Canal Sat 19.2E|National Geographic HD France|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,052F|Canal Sat 19.2E|Djazz TV HD|TV|Music 0000,0100,0533|Canal Sat 19.2E|Paris Premiere HD|TV|General 0000,0100,0535|Canal Sat 19.2E|Eurosport HD|TV|Sport 0000,0100,0537|Canal Sat 19.2E|Planete HD|TV|Documentaries 0000,0100,0538|Canal Sat 19.2E|DISNEY HD|TV| 0000,0100,053D|Canal Sat 19.2E|TF1 HD|TV| 0000,0100,053F|Canal Sat 19.2E|NATIONAL GEO HD|TV| 0000,0100,0543|Canal Sat 19.2E|DJAZZ. Use the notice textual matter infra the editwindow and leave, ahead saving, a shortened summary written account what you've done for the log. added information: ### ### DVB-C - DNA WELHO finnish capital - Finnish telegram (42249) ### 0B03|DMC|Extreme Sports Channel 0B1E|Unknown|Investigation insight 0B64|Digita Oy|FOX HD 0BC9|Unknown|National earth science Channel 0BCA|Telenor|CNN International 0BCC|MTV Networks|VH1 0BCE|Kabelkiosk|Nick Jr.

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Myles Hernandez - IMDb

Introduced as Nicola Jane in her first production, Viva Hot Babes (2003). Viva Films aforesaid they don't lack to capitalize on the success of actor Aubrey Miles or flurry the public with the two actresses. She was, however, introduced as Myles Hernandez in her first-born people disclosure via FHM philippine magazine.

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