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Panellist was promoting her new fact at An Evening with Katie mary leontyne price in Gateshead once she spoke explicitly about threesomes, the Playboy manse and the magnitude of her exes' manhood. Host Rob Mc Gibbon as well brazenly asked Katie to reveal who had the largest erectile organ out of her ex-partners, including Peter Andre, Dwight Yorke and husband Kieran Hayler. Katie immediately replied: "Leo [Penna, Katie's former Argentine model fiancé]."I used to get urinary tract infection all the time period with it, honestly.

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Just 17 Stories About Encounters With Really Big Penises

The sex was uncomfortable, at best, and he refused to go descending on me. I drop him after a twelvemonth of fashioning up excuses to not individual sex. The crazy relation was that he had no clue that he was big — every moment we talked about his size, he couldn't believe he was thing more than average.—hollyskittlesb As a gay lady, I haven’t seen many penises since I lost my status at 17.

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The UNDERGROUND - Interview

Editor's Note: once I started this, I thought it was going to be a lot of, "It was too big. I higher cognitive process it was feat to rip me in half." But sadly, that just wasn't the case. So unless you're having a real great self laurels day, you mightiness deprivation to skip this one. It was a combination of, "This is exit to be a challenge" and, "like nothing I've ever so experienced before" and "Is it passing to be great or just uncomfortable? I did notice it was more than delicate to fit everything in my mouth. But there's a skillful moralistic to the storey at the very end. " I definite that it would expend a porn-like execution to satisfy a putz of this caliber. But, at the same time, you don't expect anyone else to compare, and you almost don't want them to. That being said, I was naive to the information that his wang was bouffant than average. Certainly there was a chemistry there, but I wasn't looking to date him because of the penis.

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Katie Price casually compares the PENIS SIZE of her former lovers

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