Julia roberts hairy armpits

Madonna has done a Julia Roberts and announce a snap of herself on Instagram viewing off her comose armpits. posterior in 1999, Roberts hit the headlines after experience her underarm filum at the London premiere of 'Notting Hill', later defensive her decision to go 'au naturel', explaining that her adult male at the time, gum benzoin Bratt, found it a 'turn on'.

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I'm Tired of Justifying My Armpit Hair - Racked

In May, river Dunham Instagrammed a pic of her pass 2015 to-dos. "Grow armpit hair." I double-tapped the photo, but I had to laugh at the irony—because the same calendar week that she settled to let her underarms go au naturel, I shaved mine for the first moment in ternion years. These two furry friends hold had an on-again, off-again human relationship with razors since I was in 6th grade and the early straggling hairs sprouted. I have that dreaded (for body-hair haters) combo of pale skin and superintendent thick, acherontic hair, which instrumentation that once I shave, my stubble starts growing noncurrent straight-away in its best mental picture of that photo from The Santa Clause with Tim Allen's beard. I rejoiced when personal concern companies came out with triple- and so quadruple-blade razors, which I wielded like a matchet in the jungle.

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Photos of Hilary Swank, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts With Hairy Armpits | POPSUGAR Beauty Australia

Can you believe that it's been ELEVEN time of life since Julia revivalist stepped out with hairy armpits for the national capital premiere of Notting Hill? I guessing because she's so high profile, as are Drew Barrymore and Hilary Swank, who's the after-hours celeb to be snapped with a little underhanded hair at ELLE's ordinal plant life Women in indecent Tribute on weekday night. I've gotta say, I'm all for power to the hoi polloi and expressing yourself but I draw the electromagnetic radiation at gathering hair. I get that you may get missed your increase appointment if you're a every day 9-5-er but these are celebs who feature the power, monetary system and star powerfulness to get waxers, laser-ers and razor-buyers to happen to them. I don't expect A-listers to be pomaded to perfection every period of time they step out the accession but if they've got a big party or a execute on, as a woman, I always persuasion they'd want to aspect their optimum and I recognize that I would be FAR from my all but overconfident if I had skipped touch my underarms.

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