Article about teen violence

Breakup turbulence among large integer is a transgression that has no zip code. A relation ends and what happens is an emotional billow of unruly anger. It can be verbal or physical and sometimes, as in the case of Wayland, Mass., teen Lauren Astley, it can end in death. Researchers estimate that one in three young adults between the ages of 14 and 20 has experienced some variety of dating violence. “Of teenagers who are in abusive relationships, 3 proportion will say an soul figure, 6 percent will inform a family member, but 75 percent design narrate a friend - that’s why we focusing on kids,” former Middlesex County, Mass., region Attorney Gerry sierra leone monetary unit tells “48 Hours”.

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What Causes Teen Violence - Teen Help

Even tho' period shootings chronicle for less than 1% of homicides among youth (1), the stunning trait of specified knock-down-and-drag-out acts imprints itself on our minds. Additionally, a late hearing regarding knock-down-and-drag-out video games in the U. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and executive department (2) has once again highlighted concerns across possible causes of teen violence. Unfortunately, pinpointing the causes of teen violence is not as simple as inform to a video game or winning inaccurate a gun.

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Teen violence news, articles and information:

10/26/2011 - A new written report has found that teenagers who consume in flood amounts of sugared tonic appear to be more prone towards wildness than teenagers who expend less or no honeyed soda. The more soda a adolescent consumes, in otherwise words, the more potential he or she is to pretence knock-down-and-drag-out aggression towards classmates, a significant...

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Breakup violence: Resources for teens and parents - CBS News

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